A Few Words About Market Buddha

Why choose us

As a growing team, we pride ourselves on our spiritual work ethics, and quick turnaround. We believe in attention to detail and providing accurate market data to our clients.

Whether the product is soap powder or servo motors, our market research reports cover subjects such as the product specification and its relation to consumer needs and requirements, branding, pricing, distribution methods, advertising support, market definition and segments, forecast sales levels and so on. Our exclusive information from the market significantly reduces business risk.

Robust Methodology


Presenting our findings through brief and well-articulated reports in various formats - pdf, ppt and excel data files for easy evaluation.

  • Data Triangulation

    In consumer markets, the number of potential buyers of a product is often a significant proportion of a total population running into millions. Techniques used to research these markets include quantitative methods based on rigorous sampling as well as qualitative techniques that explore complex consumer perceptions and motivations. 

    In technology markets, we implement different diffusion models like Fisher-Pry and Bass to enhance our market data curation. We validate our market data through convergence of information from different sources. All our market research data undergoes stringent verification processes to ensure reliability.

  • Secondary Research

    We compile data from Government sources, Trade and industry bodies, Company data and other published studies. Our analyst team updates our meticulously kept market reports to yield high customer satisfaction.

  • Primary Research

    We curate qualitative and quantitative insights from fieldwork, normally involving Depth interviews, Focus groups, and Ethnography. A typical expert group consists of manufacturers (or service providers), industry experts, distributors, and CXOs of key industry players.